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Discover the Changemakers: Shaping Your Future Workforce

Date: 22 February 2018

Time: 08:00 - 10:00

At Remarkable, with our 26 year track record of leading innovation and change across the Scottish business community, we are the experts when it comes to understanding that people are at the heart of every organisation. And in this year, the Year of Young People, no more so than Scotland's young workforce.


So, we are delighted to launch our series of events focussing on the skills and talent that Scotland's young people bring to business and the impact they have on sustainability and profitability.


Come along and join other senior leaders and influencers from across Scotland to both hear from and network with employers and young people themselves about the positive impact our young people have on business in Scotland.


At Edinburgh's breakfast session, we are delighted to be joined by Stephen Gibb, Chief Executive & Partner, Shepherd and Wedderburn and Briana Pegado, Founder & Director, Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, each of whom will discuss the pivotal role of young people in Scotland's workforce alongside their inspiring work.

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